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Box Pro4

For all you airsoft maniacs!

Box Pro4 is especially designed for airsoft crazy people, whether you are a Pro or you just like to have fun with your friends and family.

The Pro4 is available in all three DAGRECKER® themes: Western, Military and Zombie. It can be shot with everything up to 0.5 joule as long as you shoot at it from at least 5 meters. There are 3 different game modes! The score is shown on a LED display, so you see whether or not you beat your competitors. The DAGRECKER® Box Pro4 is 400 x 350 x 400 mm. So it fits everywhere….and even better, it operates both on battery and electricity, so it can be taken outside!

But hold on…The greatest feature is that everything is exchangeable, if you bought a Box Pro4 in Western theme, an additional package with sides, fronts and targets can be purchased. This means that the Western Box can be transformed into a Zombie or a Military Box within 5 minutes. Besides that there are also 4 different other target designs separately available for all different themes.

So one box, 3 themes….unlimited fun!

Click here for a product-video.

4er Zombie
Box Pro4, Zombie
4er Western
Box Pro4, Western
4er Military
Box Pro4, Military