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Meet the company

We are on-target fun!

Why aren’t there any customised and exciting targets to make target shooting more attractive? Some airsoft fans and fathers were intensively working on this issue until the year 2012, when the solution was finally not only solved but also directly finished and implemented. With the DAGRECKER® Box, the designers have created a completely new type of target shooting system that gives an innovative new target to millions of airsoft and target shooting fans worldwide.

The trademark name DAGRECKER® is comprised of the last names of the designers and stands for a worldwide one-of-a-kind target shooting system. The times of shooting at conventional target discs are therefore now a thing of the past. The DAGRECKER® Boxes invite you into wild worlds that make every marksman’s heart beat faster with on-target gaming fun that is rich in variety.

DAGRECKER® stands for responsible gun handling and would like to promote the attractiveness of target shooting in Germany with its product. The box offers tons of fun target shooting and the enjoyment of recreational sport, and is an exciting and innovative alternative to a simple target disc.