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Rent Box12

100% fun guaranteed

Besides our mobile shooting it is also possible to rent a Box Pro12 for a day or longer. So if you want to throw a company party, an unforgettable birthday bash or you want your time to relax during a long day of meetings Box Pro12 is there for you! Here you can see the product sheet!

The box is easily installed and we will provide you with a couple of simple airsoft-guns. If you want to use it outside and you don’t have a tent, you can rent ours….

And if you want something special we can rent you some state-of-the art airsoft rifles. Even if you want to have everything arranged and not worry about a thing, one of us can be there the whole time to make sure everything runs smooth and all guns are reloaded in the right way. If you need it for a long time (+5 days), we can train you how to use it. Please contact us here!